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why should YOU add digital?

Borrell reported that 9 of 10 local advertisers combine traditional media like RADIO with digital!

They said that these medias complement each other, and dollars are not TRADED!




Radio revenue is not growing and will continue to decline 2% to 4% yearly through 2022!  

Meanwhile digital continues its explosive growth adding another $50 Billion dollars by 2021!  The continued focus on mobile 

will fuel growth, pushing total media spending to more than $206 billion this year, an increase of 6.1%.  Digital spending will continue its double-digit growth, soaring from $83 billion in 2017 to $130+ billion in 2021, nearly double the amount spent in 2016!  Digital ad expenditures surpassed TV for the first time in 2016, and the gap will only widen more and more each year!

Why is digital exploding?

Because there are less wasted dollars reaching your target audience. Instead of advertising to the

masses & hoping your target hears, sees or watches the message, digital allows you to more specifically target your message to people based on their daily habits!  This incredible growth can re-energize your radio sales by using your ability to build TOMA!

This will make digital more successful for YOUR current clients through the strength of YOUR great RADIO brands!

Top of Mind Awareness will lead to a higher "Click Thru Rate" (CTR) and more website traffic!



Solve Your Problem

This problem is the same problem faced by all local clients; how do I focus my marketing so it's efficient, effective and delivers track-able results delivering

new customers consistently? 

We can help you........ 




We specialize in helping local broadcasters

work with their advertisers to attract brand new customers and grow. 


How do we do it?


We use cutting edge digital products

that offer much higher than average results

to deliver more new customers

to local businesses!


Another way to say it is, 

we provide amazing digital products

that stations love to sell, and 

advertisers LOVE to buy!

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