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waze navigation!

Your business can now be seen by many of the over 25.6 million monthly waze users around the U.S. driving locally within just 1.2 miles of your store!  These potential new & repeat customers can then tap their screen

to navigate directly your store!

Campaigns Starting - $315 per month!

seo - search engine optimization

You will reach the 1st page of Google guaranteed in 20 to 40 days under the PAID google ads - if it takes longer than 40 days the first month is FREE!  You need 1 to 10 KEYWORDS or KEYWORD PHRASES.  Pricing is based on a monthly charge for the 1 - 10 keywords or keyword phrases.  ​

SEO Staring - $1,376 per month!

ott - over the top television

Your ads are seen on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Roku, Sony Krackle, & others - the ad can be display static or video depending on your campaign.  The pricing changes depending on how many impressions to air during a month.  People still aren't used to the idea that they can click ads on their TV, so CTR is usually really low (avg: CTR = .XX) but can show exact # impressions!​  Cisco estimates that 82% of all internet traffic will be video views by 2023 and TV is still the #1 form of 

advertising as a specific category!

OTT Staring - $1,400 per month!

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