Local Businesses Spending More on Digital - Radio's Down

June 15, 2017


Two articles that came out today have a direct correlation. Radio Ink has a story that says the Magna predicts a 4.4% revenue decline in radio this year. While at the same time, All Access has an article that points out small businesses are spending close to HALF of their advertising dollars on digital advertising!


Why is digital marketing growing? Because instead of having a message being shared to the masses with hopes that a potential customer will hear or see the messaging, digital marketing gets in front of people who's online behavior has shown that they are a potential customer. In other words, it's targeted messaging. Less wasted impressions, more impactful messages. 


Radio has realized this as well and has begun to increase their revenue from selling digital. The Media Store helps small radio groups provide digital marketing and internet marketing services such as site retargeting, geofencing, geoconversion, search retargeting, and direct mail. Contact us to learn more how we can help your sellers make more money!

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