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Borrell & Associates - A Thinning of the Media Herd - 2019

According to the recent released report and webinar, “Local Media’s New Phase: The Thinning of the Pack,” from Gordon Borrell & Associates, advertisers todayare buying more media but from fewer players. He says: In the past three years, advertisers have increased buying different types of media, from 5.5 types of media to 8—although with that, they have decreased the number of companies they buy, from 5 to 3.5. Borrell says that 90% of advertisers are migrating to bundling traditional and digital advertising—which savvy radio station sales staffs are readyand willing to accommodate.

Magna Report - June 2016

He further states: For radio, the pie remains bountiful, thanks to its combination of over-the-air and digital products.

The bundling concept is not taking the products and “picking and choosing,” but rather how to use them, seamlessly, together to get the results desired or solve that marketing problem your advertiser has.

Much like promotions radio stations have historically used successfully with advertisers by bundling elements to do more than an on-air schedule, think of digital as another key element to make it successful for your advertisers.

We find in our conversations, the biggest issue is not with the large radio companies, but it is with the independent radio operators is themselves. It's the fear and the excuses they give when telling why they have no digital program. They give these excuses even when we show them that digital will have a slow growth year at 14% while RADIO will have one of its best years in a long time at 1% growth globally!

There are some local mediums doing much worse than radio. You TV viewers are declining 3 times faster than RADIO according to Deloitte Insights' December 2018 article "RADIO: Revenue, reach, and resilience. In fact, there numbers show that American 18–34-year-olds will likely spend more time listening to radio than watching traditional TV by 2025! That's good news but for the wrong reason. RADIO is not growing; TV is declining faster!

The Media Store has key digital products that are proven to work with radio and provide results for your clients! They bundle very well with those other elements including on-air schedules your advertisers are doing with you now. If they are not buying digital from you, they are from somebody else. You do want to survive that cut, don’t you? Call or text Art Versnick today at 980-949-9492 today and start putting half the gross digital revenue you create with The Media Store to your bottom line!

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