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How do you turn an aging hotel on a busy street in the #1 tourist destination in the country into a potential guests' choice for the night? That's a tough question but I can tell you this, it cannot be done without fixing the client's website! Most think of their website as an extension of their business but YOUR BUSINESS is now an extension of your website!

Consider that 88% of consumers search for a product online before buying it in a store! 1 in 4 do it on a tablet, almost half search on mobile and 67% do it from their desktop computer! This means you MUST start with a great website that is easy to navigate and engages visitors with movement, videos and pictures.

Next, be sure to showcase your advantage in a truthful way. The Golden Link Hotel is located

Lyfe Marketing - 2018

in Kissimmee, Florida just 5 miles from Disney World had a problem. They were on the West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway, an extremely busy street and difficult to make left turns. Roy Williams, known as the Wizard of Ads, always said the truth is YOUR BEST story! Find out your client's true advantage then exploit it! Take the time to discover this advantage and use it in all your advertising, their website and all social media!

The Golden Link has a simple yet effective slogan, "clean, quiet, safe! The two brothers from Hong Kong who own and operate the hotel had promoted it aggressively. To showcase this great location we commissioned a new website build with custom drone footage. Our goal was to show the hotel's location at State Routes 192 and 535.

The intersection provided a natural entrance and exit for hotel guests on one of the busiest streets in Orlando. Behind the property was a game in Lake Cecile that was lovely and offered jet skis for recreational fun for guests!

Golden Link Hotel pool on rainy day - April 2019

The beauty of working with your clients selling digital is that radio reps are traditionally very creative. Why are they so creative? Years of developing ideas, writing spec spots and selling them to local businesses! Albert Einstein said it best; "imagination is more important than knowledge!"

We built Golden Link Hotel's website to be a great first stop for guests wanting to spend some time in beautiful Kissimmee visiting Sea World, Universal Studios or Disney World! Not sure how to tell if your client needs a new website built for their business? The Media Store can do a FREE website evaluation for your client using 6 different website grading services and 18 measurements!

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