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display entire dealer inventory with videos for every vehicle & identify anonymous website visit

One of the most important aspects of my sales style is a constant and never-ending desire to help our clients' customers improve their sales. Focusing on solving your clients' problems is a good strategy but helping them solve their clients' problems is even better! Why does it work so well? Because they bring better ideas to their clients, who sell more products, they give you the credit and want more ideas from you so they can go back to their clients and sell more! This is very effective because people love to buy and hate to be sold! Who doesn't love to buy things that their clients LOVE to buy?!!

So how do you do it in an effective way? I start with the single most important client category for my clients and this is without a doubt #automotive. Automotive is no longer the biggest, that honor now belongs to healthcare, but it is a top 5 category. Combine this ranking with access to dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, service managers who all control budgets and make decisions at the store level.

There are also multiple budgets that include marketing, advertising and lead generation that add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for even small new car franchise dealerships. So how do you shift dollars to your stations? The worst way is to tell the local dealer about your new "digital" program. They will tell you everyone has a program and its covered for now.

What is your best strategy?

Helping your local dealer navigate #digital with sound advice that will help them with 3 key areas:

  1. Getting entire inventory online so customers can shop EVERY car new & used!

  2. Have them in a custom video format that is NOT stock footage from the manufacturer!

  3. Provide info about the anonymous website shoppers NOT in their store's CRM!

Carvana - Debuts #8 Used Car Sales in U.S. - Click 4 Article

If you can do these three things effectively you will instantly become a dealer's best friend and open-up several new revenue streams to your stations! First you must understand that #BOPIS is taking every product category by storm! Bought online, picked up in store will be offered by 87% of retailers in 2019. 67% of consumers have already purchased a product this way in the last 6 months. If you don’t believe it works with the auto category, #Carvana just debuted as the number 8 retailer of used cars this week!

Why is video so important for the entire inventory? First you need to understand that the internet was designed to show a dealer’s entire inventory online and it must be updated nightly in real time! If you are a Toyota dealer with a used F-150 that fits a buyer loyal to Ford, this buyer will not know unless the vehicle appears in a google search! When a vehicle is sold it must be removed immediately at the time of sale and not a few days later! Presenting each vehicle in a video format is crucial because according to Cisco, video will account for 82% of ALL internet traffic by 2022!

Finally, none of this will matter if you cannot connect your dealer to the thousands of anonymous website visitors they receive each month who are NOT in their store’s CRM database! Dealers can track visitors to their site who are already in their database due to a previous purchase or demo drive. They can also track those who filled out a data capture or contact form, but only 2.35% of website visitors fill out such forms!

So how do you do this easily and effectively? First know that you can use systems already designed to do most of the work. You will make money on some, but not all these systems and your dealer will need to be engaged to ensure success.

Here is your 1 – 2 – 3 system for success:

  1. Dealer website that displays inventory by VIN number + talks to his CRM!

  2. Dealer must have a turn key system to create videos for entire inventory!

  3. Dealer must have a way of identifying the anonymous website visitor + what's viewed!

The good news is virtually every new car dealer has already taken care of step 1 of this process. Step 2 can be either difficult and expensive or easy and very effective! The very best,

SnapCell - Personal Walk Around Video For Sales & Fixed Ops - Click 4 Website

most cost-effective system available is #SnapCell and you can view their site by click on the photo of the Mustang.

The dealer's entire sales team works together to make a video for every vehicle in inventory. #SnapCell’s turn key program makes uploading them to a dealer website easy, fast and very cost effective! These videos can be easily sent to customers or the dealer sales person can make a custom video that is a virtual showing of a specific vehicle requested by their customer! For a typical dealer with 200 cars on their lot in a month the cost is about $5 per month per vehicle!

Finally, all these great ideas mean nothing if your client has NO IDEA who their potential buyer is on their website every day or what vehicle video he or she is watching. Analytics are important but analytics are awesome with names attached to them so you dealer has the who, what, where and when! #Click Cricket from #The Media Store can provide the dealer with complete contact information plus every single page item viewed with a date and time stamp!

Everything you need for your 1-2-3 system for success for every auto dealer in your market is contained on this web page by clicking on each of the photos on this page and The Media Store and Click Cricket logos below!

Now you are ready to be your market's expert for auto dealers on putting their entire inventory on their website, using #BOPIS to sell more vehicles and giving them daily leads for their sales team to convert to new ups, demo drives and new customers for sales & fixed ops!

Now, let's get it done!

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