• John Lund

Radio Programming Enhanced by New Media?!

John C. Lund, President, Lund Media Group

What are the biggest digital advantages to your radio station's programming?

Consider these ten ways that will help your stations cross the digital divide and build new audience:

  • Offer digital ways for listeners to access your programming. The tower is only one approach. Website streams and smartphone apps are essential; smart speakers are growing in popularity.

  • Being local is radio’s big advantage. Use digital approaches to building a local image, like Snapchat video or Facebook Live streaming of station events.

  • Use text messaging to reach listeners for news alerts, contesting, and audience participation.

  • Build a social media presence for your station that is welcoming; Facebook is the new studio phone and it’s great for interaction. Be active on FB, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Involve listeners. Make communication easy and user-friendly. Respond quickly to their questions and posts.

  • Build your email database and offer listeners relevant and interesting offers that increase tune-ins. Become a “friend with benefits.”

  • Don’t ignore station blogs and website posts, but having a two-month old concert on your upcoming calendar says “we don’t care.”

  • Make it easy for people to contact you via your website. Include phone numbers and emails for key people including sales reps for potential sponsors.

  • Don’t post personal messages on the social media account you use with listeners. Why give stalkers or hotheads an undue advantage?

  • Give your Facebook and Twitter addresses to make it easy for people to follow you. Saying “find us on Facebook” is like inviting people to a needle-in-the-haystack competition.

For greater detail, see the 2019 “New Media Strategies & Digital Sales Initiatives” guide written by the Lund consulting staff and contributors.

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