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9 out of 10 LOCAL advertisers want to bundle digital with local media!

For over two years now, and our past BLOGS verify the fact, The Media Store has urged the implementation of digital products as an integral part of what needs to be presented to your advertisers along with their radio schedules.

From July 3, 2017 we said: We all know the new normal is not only advising your advertisers on why your radio station(s) is or are the place to reach the desired audience, but the “extras” that you offer in events and now DIGITAL. In a published BLOG, we quoted Mark Ramsey and Gordon Borrell contending that the way to connect with advertisers is to be the “go-to” for their marketing needs, that includes digital.

From October 28, 2017 we said: BIA/Kelsey reported that radio revenue is expected to increase overall in 2017, but the CAUTION is in this line from the report: "...But the real growth will come in digital dollars..." The main reason digital continues to grow is because advertisers want to be where they know people are - the internet. Digital also provides measurable results. These are two things that advertisers are drawn to and suggests that digital advertising will continue to grow.

August 3, 2018 we said: For those in broadcast radio, TV and cable, this new phenomenon of “digital marketing” can be daunting and overwhelming. It can be even more so for your advertisers. Most recently, the much respected UrbanOne CEO, Alfred Liggins was quoted as saying, Urban One can’t just take its ball and go home. Liggins explains that “We have to be in the digital business, as a media company. There’s billions of dollars flowing into it…Advertisers request it, and we need to compete there.” Instead of fighting it, broadcasters should “exploit” it, especially as it comes to your advertisers.

Now April 2019, at the NAB this week, Digital is THE hot topic. Inside Radio reported, “As digital advertising has fully integrated itself into the multi-platform landscape of the radio industry, no longer are stations selling over the air as a separate animal. At the NAB Show panel “Digital and Data: From Disruption to Acceleration,” participant Steve Goldstein, senior director of digital sales strategy for Hubbard Radio Digital, remarked, “There is no more traditional and digital media, it’s just media. It all works together. I’m glad we’re in both businesses.”

We all know the major broadcast players are all about it. One of the CEO’s said that embracing digital and radio is simply the way business is done now, adding that “90% of our clients are buying traditional media and also buying digital. If they’re not buying from you, they’re buying it from someone else.” The bigger goal, however, is to help clients grow their businesses. “If we do that, we’re going to do very well, because if it works for the client, they’re going to spend more with us.”

NAB Vegas 2019

Added Gordon Borrell, CEO of research firm Borrell & Associates—who opened the session with highlights from his recent Local Online Advertising Conference, “No other type of media drives digital traffic better than broadcast.”

What about your station or cluster? The Media Store has those digital products your advertisers need and want. Bundle it with your on-air and those advertisers will continually look to you for their marketing needs.

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