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Are You Swimming Naked?

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46% of small advertisers will try something different in 2019 with their advertising! That's 1 out of every 2 of your active clients and 1 out of every 2 prospects!!! 23% of advertisers will go away from radio, a third will drop print, every media category is affected. The belief is that all of them are headed to digital, but this is NOT true! 25% of small businesses who do NOT use radio say they will try it this year for the first time.

So how does this affect your sales team and your sales approach? Keep in mind that 90% of small business will buy digital advertising in a bundle with traditional media. That means small businesses want to buy digital from someone they trust, like YOU! However, they want cutting edge digital solutions and not just banner ads on your websites.

So get in a dark room with yourself and ask yourself, "Are we swimming naked or are we prepared?" What do we mean by swimming naked? When the tide rolls out and you are exposed, is your sales a pitch based on real data that can be proved or is it just opinion? Now think about this, small businesses have increased the number of types of media they buy, from 5.5 to 8 types. However, they have decreased the number of companies they use, going from 5 down to 3.5 different companies!

When clients were asked which has the greatest influence in your ad buy? The Media Company? The Media Rep? The Ad Type? 78% of small businesses surveyed said that the AD TYPE has the greatest influence on their ad buy choices! So if you DO NOT have digital 78% of clients looking for digital will not even consider your media company regardless of your reputation!

What is the competition doing with digital? There are now an average of 126 local media choices per market all across the country! Way more choices and small businesses are buying from fewer companies! There are now 660,000 active podcasts yearly that sell advertising! Amazon did $3 Billion last year in advertising and is estimated to reach $38 Billion by the end of 2023! That will rank Amazon third in total advertising behind Google and Facebook!

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