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Radio's Missing Revenue

Digital Buys from Radio vs Digital Buys from Everyone else

While your revenues in on-air spot remain flat, at best, DIGITAL continues to explode and is expected to be at $130 billion in two years. Are your stations taking advantage of that? As Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates recently noted,

“What’s really clear now is that digital is the sticky stuff that keeps advertisers with you, that keeps them as your client. The companies and stations that are able to thrive in their communities from a revenue standpoint are the ones that have a very strong digital package and try to get it into the hands of 100% of their customer base.”


Yet, only one in four advertisers are buying digital from radio. That means 75% of digital buys are being purchased from somewhere else. That’s a lot of revenue you’re missing in helping your advertisers.

"75% of (digital) buys are being purchased from somewhere else."

Borrell reported that 9 of 10 local advertisers are combining traditional media like RADIO with digital!They said that theses medias complement each other, and dollars are not TRADED!

They are “buying” digital, why not from you? It’s time to partner the two with our powerful advertising digital products. It’s a lot more than banner ads on your website. Get with us for the details.

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