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The Epic Age Old Battle: WIX vs WORDPRESS!

The Epic Age Old Battle


Who to use to build your client's site?

WIX vs WORDPRESS collision

We get asked which site is better to build a website and this is a subjective question. You need to think about your client, their website, their skill level and WHO will be updating their site. If you pick Wordpress and your client cannot write code he or she will call you endlessly with questions about even the most simple website edits.

Clients express concerns about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a Wix site and they are totally off base. These responses come from website builders who either never work with Wix or do not know how to maximize a Wix website. Once again you need to look at your client's overall strategy for driving traffic to their website. Will they focus on SEO, will they use Pay-Per-Click (PPC), will they use geo-fencing or an email campaign or drive traffic through traditional media like radio?

Many of the negative perceptions about Wix come from web builders desire to make your client a SLAVE to their endless fees for even simple updates. We have a different philosophy that empowers our clients to have an effective site that performs well, is easy for the client or you to update and gives them a beautiful visual presentation they can be proud of too!

Here are the main reasons WE prefer to use WIX to build sites:

  1. Stability - Wix sites are actually more stable because they are a publicly traded company and more transparent. Their new developments and ideas are more thoroughly tested BEFORE they are put into action for web builders to use.

  2. SEO - This is driven by the skill of the person doing the SEO work for your site. Once again web builders want to tie you to them forever and use this mantra to get you to believe Wix sites cannot achieve great SEO and now you are paying fees to make minor updates and edits.

  3. Speed - Wix has a lot of storage & the sites load fast. The only thing that slows it down is large uncompressed pictures, and long videos.

  4. HTML Options - Many DIYers don't have a clue how to update HTML so they are limited to what Wix provides. This once again is determined by the skill of the web builder who is building your client's site. We are not limited and we have added plenty of elements to Wix sites by adding HTML code to a page.

  5. Easier Updates - If your client decides to handle the site updates, Wix has a much easier learning curve. As we build your client's website we walk a fine line between what is BEST for the client and what THEY want so future updates will be easier for them or for YOU!

  6. Security - All websites we build through Wix are automatically SSL secured (https.) This is for your client's customer's protection and to lower bounce rates due to search warnings about visits to unsecure sites.

  7. Mobile Optimization - Since more than half of visit to websites are now from smart phones this is important and Wix is a much easier platform to mobile optimize.

Also, as an observation, many of the websites that we do Website Assessments for, often the sites that look older have been Wordpress sites!


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