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Digital Now Takes Over Half of All Auto Ad Dollars!

Of the $10 Billion that will be spent this year in local advertising by local car dealers, digital will gobble up 55% of the total! That figure is more than HALF OF EVERY DOLLAR SPENT and it has more than doubled in the past three years! Almost all of that is devoted to the dealer’s website.

Local Broadcast Sales - October 2018 Monthly Webinar

LBS Automotive Marketing Expert and former auto dealer, John Tkac says that traditional media sellers must embrace digital to stay relevant to local car dealers in their markets. As we have pointed out, digital will grow another $50 Billion by 2021!

So, you need to get into a dark room with yourself and ask; how much of the advertising budget are we getting right now from local car dealers? Local Broadcast Sales (https://localbroadcastsales.com/) in their monthly webinar detailed how broadcasters should approach car dealers to finish the year and into 2019. The presenter was LBS Automotive Marketing Expert and former auto dealer, John Tkac. He consults over 150 dealers around the country on advertising and marketing.

Important auto facts for your sellers:

  • 17.4 million new vehicles will be purchased this year. The best since 2014.

  • 49 million used vehicles will be purchased this year; Only about 15 million will be from a franchised new car dealer.

  • The biggest week of the year for vehicle sales is between Christmas and New Years for both new and used. This is especially true for Midwest and Southern states.

  • Used Cars is a huge profit center for franchised dealers and EVERYBODY, as he stressed uses the internet to find these deals.

  • Fastest growing segment is trucks and SUV’s.

Traditional media needs to emphasize the dealer’s website
in copy to drive traffic to the dealer’s website. Forget the street address. The website address is more important because buyers today go to the internet before ever walking on to a dealer’s lot. That includes both franchised and independent dealers,
new and used.

2019 Escalade SUV by Cadillac

Email marketing is very important to dealers, because most of their email list is made up of past customers and those that are captured through their website. Email marketing to a quality 3rd party source gives local car dealers what they want, names of potential customers who become "ups" or leads!

The Media Store’s DDM and Click Cricket products can enhance your dealer’s email by providing the data that becomes leads! Our 100+ million searchable data base gives them the ability to target by area and demographic for a focused approach by brand or store!

Click Cricket gives you the ability to turn their anonymous website visitors into names and address that once again gives your local dealers leads! This is especially important with used car sales on the internet and its importance to franchise dealer profits!

Two important questions you should ask EVERY local car dealer:

  1. What is your CPVR (Cost Per Vehicle Retail)? In other words what is the advertising cost for each one sold on average. Dealers measure this. It has been rising. This includes what they spend on digital, too.

  2. Are you in a “dealer cash program?” This is a little-known secret. Some of these programs are regional. Do they pass this on to the customer?

Push your station to the top of the meeting list with each local car dealer in your market by adding these amazing digital products to the power of your great local radio stations! This will push your market's car dealers way up form the 10% radio gets now!

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