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Political Ad Revenue is About to Explode

2018 Borrell Inc.

Borrell & Associates has updated its political revenue projections for the 2018 mid-term elections which are about to start kicking into gear. Borrell puts the new forecast at $8.9 billion, an increase of $400 million over its previous projection in December of 2017. Radio executives have said they expect the majority of their political advertising to come in during Q3 and Q4. So how much does Borrell expect Radio to pull in?

The Borrell update states that the beneficiaries of the additional revenue will reside downstream, at a more local level. “There are more dollars flowing to races below the state level than we initially anticipated. That will principally benefit local media, including TV, radio, newspapers, and cable, which are best connected with local and regional communities.

Broadcast TV continues to hold the lion’s share of political advertising, by far. Its $3.5 billion represents 39% of all spending. Combined with cable advertising ($1.1 billion, or 12.5%), we could say that TV commercials comprise half of all political advertising. The next-highest share goes to digital media, $1.8 billion, or 20%.”

Re-posted from Radio Ink - September 5, 2018

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