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Political Advertising Solution: Political PACk

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Every political season, we get bombarded by messages that encourage us to vote. These messages come from local and state governments, celebrities and even MTV. The reason is simple - not enough people exercise their Constitutional right to vote!

As a radio talk show host, this became even more apparent as I frequently looked at the voting numbers of local, state and national elections. In many areas around the country only 30% of legal residents register to vote and many times less than 50% of those registered voters actually go vote!

While this may seem to be just another “interesting” fact, it actually presents a daunting task for anyone looking to run for political office. The task is, “How do you reach those relatively few percentage of voters with limited advertising funds?”

Increasingly, the answer is becoming, “Through Digital Advertising.”

It is pretty well understood that Barack Obama broke new ground when he was swept in to

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the Presidency from a relatively unknown position and built up a huge campaign donation fund by collecting $1, $5, $10 and $20 donations from thousands of people, instead of just relying on donations from large donors.

The secret behind that campaign to collect small donations is digital advertising! Barack Obama’s campaign team created one of the most effective email marketing campaigns ever devised. When someone visited the campaign website and signed up for updates, they were put in to an email marketing program. If they didn’t sign up, they were retargeted through Site Retargeting. If someone searched for information about the Democrat Presidential Primary they were targeted with ads about Obama through Search Retargeting!

His successful digital advertising campaign propelled him to the Presidency! In fact, after Mitt Romney lost to President Obama, Romney’s campaign blamed a big part of the loss on their digital platform failing on Election Day!

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In the next Presidential election, the tide shifted further towards digital advertising during the Republican Presidential Primary when the biggest ad spender on TV was Jeb Bush and the biggest digital spender was Donald Trump. Jeb Bush was trounced and Donald Trump kept winning state primaries! Donald Trump continued this strategy during the general election against Hillary Clinton. Clinton spent more on traditional media than Trump, but he spent more on digital. Trump is now President Trump.

One of the challenges for people running for office is that many people will go vote for the President but they won’t vote for any other office. There are far fewer citizens interested in other campaigns. Since there are already so few citizens who actually vote, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just advertise to those interested in your campaign? A few years ago, I dipped my toe in to running for office and found that things have already advanced in ways that allow politicians to do that more than ever!

I’ve already covered how Site Retargeting and Search Retargeting can work to make sure your message is going to those who have showed interest in your campaign, but consider these options as well:

  • What if you could get the actual contact information from someone who visited your website but didn’t fill out a form? The Media Store’s exclusive product, Click Cricket, allows you to do just that!

  • What if you sent an email to thousands of people in your campaign area and then received the physical address of those who showed interest in your email? The Media Store’s Digital Direct Mail does exactly that!

  • What if you have a list of past voters’ addresses and you could have internet ads displayed on just their home computers? The Media Store can do that as well!

  • Do you knock door to door? What if you knocked door to door, then people in that neighborhood saw your internet ad on their home computer or mobile device? NO PROBLEM!

These examples are all part of The Media Store’s Political PACk!

Contact us today to find out how the Political PACk can help boost your campaign!

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