• Hugh McPherson

Close Incremental Dollars Now!

Radio Ink today ran this article, entitled "BIA: Google Outbilling All of Radio", which detailed how local advertising on Google & YouTube will top $19 Billion and is the #1 local advertising source. 

When combined with Facebook it accounts for 48% of all local advertising, or 1 out of every 2 dollars spent by your local clients! The most rapidly growing avenue for local media is mobile and this makes sense since 226 million Americans use a smart phone every month! We believe that the entire a media group’s sales team's #1 opportunity to immediately add new incremental dollars is through mobile since 77% of consumers in your area use a smart phone each month! The Media Store’s GeoFencing+GeoConversion product gives your team something to present to your active local clients that is an easy-to-understand mobile option that they will want to buy! The success rate will be high and your team should be able to up-sell 1 in 5 of your active clients without trading dollars as these clients will see results immediately on the Dashboard (pictured above) that The Media Store will build for each of them!  

Contact Us so we can talk about how your business can partner with The Media Store with no up front fees & no monthly minimums!

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