• Hugh McPherson

A 2-Way Punch: Radio Dominates In-Car Listening, Phones Dominate All Other Times!

According to the 2018 Infinite Dial study, presented by Edison Research and Triton Digital, 82% of the population 12 and older continue to listen to AM/FM radio in the automobile today. Also, for the first time ever, podcast listening (23%) surpassed satellite radio (21%). With radio's continued dominance of in-car listening, it just as important as ever for advertisers to get their ads in front of this audience.

Car Radio Listening

At the same time, there 226 million smartphone users in the U.S., 79% of mobile phone users use a smartphone and 9 of 10 smartphone users have location services turned ON!

When the car audience leaves their vehicle, they carry their phones when them. Geo-location advertising can get advertisers ads in front of the audience via their phones. Geo-location advertising like geotargeting is where everyone within an area can be delivered ads, say in a neighborhood or an entire zip code. Geofencing is is where a smaller, more targeted digital fence can be placed around a business or event. Anyone who crosses through that fence can be delivered ads. Now, The Media Store is able to have ads sent to cell phones show up on the user's home or work computer.

This is one of the biggest reasons The Media Store works with radio stations to provide digital advertising to advertisers! Contact us today to get your radio group started with no start-up costs, no monthly fees, no time obligation and no minimums!

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