• Hugh McPherson

Big Data Changing Rules Of The Game For Broadcast Radio

(from Inside Radio)

The game changer for radio in 2018 may not be a smart device or a shiny new app. What’s increasingly shaping the industry’s conversation with advertisers is how big data can be harnessed to give clients a bigger bang for their marketing bucks. The data genie is out of the bottle and radio is in the early stages of a watershed movement to collect, analyze and segment its audiences to elevate the medium’s value with advertisers.

The ability to align radio listening metrics with consumer purchase data is at last putting radio in agency conference rooms for more strategic and sophisticated conversations with advertisers, who are more willing to divulge their marketing challenges and discuss measurable solutions. With data tools in its quiver, radio can now move into a more consultative role with its biggest clients.

The importance of proving return on investment is certainly nothing new among advertisers and agencies. But Google, Facebook and other digital players have put data in the forefront of that conversation, upping the ante for traditional media and making data table-stakes to sit at the grown-ups table. “Radio can now play in the data sandbox, providing digital-like data proof of performance,” says Bob McCurdy, corporate VP of Sales at Beasley Media Group. “This will require us to ensure that our salespeople quickly embrace these data-generating tools, become comfortable explaining and interpreting it, and guide their clients to take action upon it. This requires a change of mindset and the acquisition of new skills.”

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