• Hugh McPherson

Small Businesses Can Increase Their Digital Footprint Through Email Database Building

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Recently, we visited with many small businesses in Ohio who wanted to learn about digital advertising. They ranged from local car dealers, a small college, a local bank to even home repairs. Obviously, they all have either products or services that are needed in their marketplace.

They all agreed that to move forward in securing new customers and keeping in touch with present ones it is necessary to reach them in this new world of digital.

The Media $tore will become their partner.

Yes, in all cases, they have websites and even email lists of many of their customers, but how they can make a bigger impact is the goal.

In all cases they use traditional advertising for branding purposes but now need, and want, to reinforce that with a personal touch to a connected society that need those products and services.

They were keenly interested in one of The Media $tore’s products - the massive email list of over 100 million emails in the U.S.

We are able filter this “Digital Direct Mail” list to a geographic area and a demographic profile laser targeting potential customers. More importantly, these campaigns encourage website visitation to capture “real” leads. It is the perfect way to direct potential customers to your “second” store front, YOUR website.

You have invested in your website. This is the perfect way to reach thousands more potential customers.

It’s a direct target approach used that combine reach, frequency and message to those “in the market” for the products and/or services.

The fact is that only 7 cents of every retail dollar was spent online in 2016, but understanding how digital works and exploiting it to reach new customers is what The Media $tore does best.

Being conservative, how many sales can you make with a thousand new leads?

Let’s “get to work.”

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