• Hugh McPherson

Cyber Monday: Largest Online Sales Day in History

Cyber Monday was the largest online sales day in history, according to Adobe -- and email played a pivotal role in driving purchases, as reported by EMail Marketing Daily’s Jess Nelson.

The fact that retail clients sent over 3.6 billion messages over a seven-day period that included Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shows the POWER that email marketing has taken. The fact is that was a 90% increase over the same period in 2016.

According to “EMail Marketing Daily,” that total included 607 million email messages on Cyber Monday, a 106% increase over last year, and 530 million on Black Friday -- a 76% increase.

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It’s all part of the “8 Key Digital Assets” that advertisers can incorporate in their marketing plan to highly targeting potential customers, that The Media $tore can customize, specifically.

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