• Hugh McPherson

E-Mail Marketing Continues To Dominate!

When it comes to email marketing, the statistics speak for themselves.

Email Marketing is at the Top of the Mountain!

Look at the story these stats tell:

  • There are now over 3.7 billion email users, representing more than half the world’s population!

The most popular social media platform is Facebook & it has 2 billion users. Email has nearly twice as many users and is frequented more often.

  • Messages are 5 times more likely to be seen in email than Facebook!

  • Most people prefer promotional content through email over social media!

  • 73% of millennials prefer to be contacted by brands through email!

  • 42.3% of Americans say they sign up for email lists to get discounts and savings!

  • 58% of adults wake up and immediately check their email!

  • 20.9% of people check their email more than 5 times per day!

Email is checked more often AND it is the preferred channel for advertisements.

  • 80% of professional retailers say email marketing is their best method for customer retention!

  • Every $1 spent on email marketing produces $44 in return!

  • Email is 40 times better at converting people than Facebook and Twitter!

  • US marketers found email had a median ROI of 122%, which is more than four times higher than paid search, social media, and direct mail!

Email marketing continues to grow because it continues to produce results with fantastic Returns on Investment.

  • Consumers who buy products marketed through email, spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers!

  • Ecommerce companies who send multiple emails to abandoned cart consumers are 2.4 times as likely to get the sale than if they send one follow up email!

Sending one time emails is not nearly as effective as a comprehensive email marketing program.

The Media Store can send a business ad to our email database but if the business does not continue emailing the lead, then they will lose potential dollars.

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