• Hugh McPherson

#1 ROI Channel is...SURVEY SAYS!

According to Emarsys.com, email is still the killer app, the largest social network on earth and more importantly, the #1 ROI digital channel.

They further noted that in spite of all the marketing channels competing for the consumer’s attention, email is still being used every day, every hour, every minute. It is still a very profitable way to interact with customers and potential customers to drive purchases.

Why? Because it is PERSONAL. You are talking directly with the potential customer.

How many times in the last year have you provided an email address when making a purchase, either online or in-store or signed up for a loyalty program, a webinar event or filled out patient forms at a doctor’s office? How many times, after a search for “whatever” on line, you provided your contact information to get more information?

A customer’s email address is their “digital ID,” and a great way to communicate.

Radio stations are also personal. Radio personalities are taught to talk to the "one" not to the masses. Now imagine a campaign for a client where they have a message over the airwaves and a coordinated email message being sent out at the same time. Both personal, both directed to the customer directly, working side by side.

The Media $tore has access to over millions of these email addresses in the United States, all of whom have checked a box requesting advertisement offers!

It’s time to capture your share of those for your specific market and honing in on demographics to target your ideal customer. How many sales will you make with 1,000 leads?

It’s part of creating more new customers tomorrow, but doing this today.

Get in touch with us to find out how.

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