• Hugh McPherson

words words words..."DIGITAL WAS UP."

What do you when you are in an industry that is still quite misunderstood and has been experiencing revenue hits - like radio?

In an article about the upcoming CBS & Entercom merger, the current revenue estimates were highlighted. About Entercom the article stated,

"Third-quarter revenues grew to $122.3 million, up 1% from $121.6 million in Q3 of 2016. On a same station basis, revenues dipped 1% after removing political dollars from the comparison. Local and national were both down while events and digital were up."

How many times have we've seen this trend in the past year? If you haven't noticed the trend, then you haven't really been paying attention. Over and over again, radio trade articles have pointed to revenue numbers and even if revenue declined, digital always seems to increase.

In some cases overall revenue goals were saved by the addition of digital sales. Despite this obvious trend, many radio operators continue to avoid selling digital or are just feeling their way in the darkness.

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That's what we can do for you. We can help radio stations hit and exceed revenue goals while complimenting on-air and event advertising!

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