• Hugh McPherson

Things are BOOMING...all aboard!

This week, Hugh McPherson is in Owensboro, Kentucky with the Cromwell Radio Group. There sellers have set well over 20 appointments and are looking to keep Hugh extremely busy.

From appointments at 8 am to 6pm, Hugh will meet with the sellers directly at their client's addresses, then go to the next address.

NO taking over sales meetings every day, NO daily wrap-ups, just going on appointments to close deals!

Q4 weeks are filling up fast, so be sure to get your radio group signed up to add Top Line Revenue in Q4!

1. It's FREE to sign up

2. We have online training videos that are under 20 minutes total!

3. We come to your market, go through a brief training, then go on appointments to close business!

All you have to do is:

1. Agree

2. Schedule at least 12 appointments through our online scheduler

3. Provide a hotel for 5 days.

That's all you have to do & your radio group will officially be offering digital services!

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