• Hugh McPherson

Steps to Set an Appointment

1. Log in to the Dashboard

2. Select the button, "set an appointment"

3. IF you want to see previous appointments in a calendar view, then click the link at the top left. If you want to open it in a separate tab, right-click on it then click "Open in New Tab".

4. Click on your Market, then click "Schedule It"

5. Once inside the scheduler, make sure the month is correct & select which staff member you are supposed to schedule with. *** REMEMBER *** The Calendar is defaulted to Central Time!

6. Select on the day you want to have the appointment & you will see the remaining availability. Appointments are set for 45 minutes each. Select one of the times.

7. If you didn't already select the person you want to have the visit with, when you click on the time, it will give you the option there.

8. Once the time is selected, click NEXT

9. Fill out the information, then select BOOK IT. Yo must put something in the SUITE category. If there is no suite number then put in "-".

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