• Hugh McPherson

Success in Clemson!

Per our model, Hugh traveled to Clemson, SC to go on appointments with the team there. They used our online appointment scheduler to set appointments with their clients & Hugh met them directly at the client location. We don't take over your sales team, or sales meeting. We just do what's necessary to drive revenue!

Hugh & the sales reps met with several great clients and talked about Clemson football, bikes, knee replacement surgery, coffee, mattresses, Vera Wang Diamonds, septic tanks, stolen trucks full of equipment, the auto business and Don't Text & Drive campaigns!

In 4 days, Hugh went on 8 appointments with a range of great clients and all were interested and engaged. We asked for $93,000 total, all of which are solid offers, and 2 closed right on the spot! (a jewelry store & a mattress store) for $12,000 to $15,000!

The key to these closes is that they sold the idea. Clients fall in love with ideas especially with a great new product they want to use!

We continue to offer support to the Clemson crew and get ready for our next in-market visit in two weeks.

If you have not signed up with The Media Store, contact us today! Remember, there is no financial obligation or requirement up-front. We make money if you make money and we come to your market to help close deals!

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