• Hugh McPherson

Broadcasters, Digital Isn't Going Away. Time to Embrace it.

For those in broadcast radio, TV and cable, this new phenomenon of “digital marketing” can be daunting and overwhelming. It can be even more so for your station(s)’ advertisers. Most recently, the much respected UrbanOne CEO, Alfred Liggins was quoted as saying, “I would’ve preferred that the digital revolution had never happened…” He cited that the issue was more of – “If you are a digital publisher like we are [and not a technology company], then you’re ultimately beholden to the platforms of Facebook and Google. And the economics that they give digital publishers are lousy.” But Urban One can’t just take its ball and go home. Liggins explains that “We have to be in the digital business, as a media company. There’s billions of dollars flowing into it…Advertisers request it, and we need to compete there.” He is absolutely right about advertisers requesting it. It is a booming business and instead of fighting it, broadcasters should “exploit” it, especially as it comes to your advertisers.

Yes, there are so many facets to it and all can be exciting if executed correctly. That is where The Media $tore can be your partner in developing that revenue that can be a key “upsell” for any client. The dollars spent on digital, through your stations, can be a nice bump in revenue. It should never replace what they are doing on your stations and channels now, but digital’s use, through The Media $tore, solidifies your place in your advertisers’ minds as the “go-to” for their marketing needs. Digital advertising is far more than banner ads on your websites. The technology today allows specific pinpointing of a target audience and where they may be at a key time to reach them. Furthermore, email marketing can be a part of the equation as we have access, through a proprietary system, to over 100 million email addresses and can deliver their messages to those living in their marketing area. Your advertisers should be using your stations for “branding” with the digital being the final step because of the branding in reaching those customers. Let us help by contacting us and let’s “get to work” for you and YOUR advertisers. 

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