• Hugh McPherson

Selling Digital: 1 Brochure vs 8

Don't handicap your sellers!

One of the beautiful things about The Media Store is the simplicity of what we do. Digital Marketing is complex enough, why make it a harder process than it has to be.

People do not appreciate art because of the process; people appreciate art in it's final beautiful form. The same applies with digital marketing. Too many companies processes are set up in a way that requires sellers to know every detail and then try to share those details with a client.

Then, after the details and processes have been thoroughly presented, another detailed process starts which is to choose which of the vast digital products is best for the client. Supposedly, now, an informed decision will be made.

The problem is our brains just can't retain everything that was just taught! Studies have shown that we only retain about 10% of something the first time we hear it!

For example, The Media Store has 8 Key Digital Assets and with typical sales models sellers would need to have 8 brochures, one for each of the digital marketing assets. If a seller tried to explain each one of them, the client, statistically speaking, would only remember 1.5 of the items!

The Media Store just has 1 brochure. The reason we do this is because instead of selling 8 separate digital assets, we bundle them together. We spread the impressions served over all 8 digital assets. Clients get the benefits of everyone of them!

And, the reason we are able to do this effectively is because of our proprietary software called, "Computer Optimized Delivery." We don't rely on the sellers knowledge or the clients comprehension to choose what is best for their business. Instead, we work to achieve the greatest ROI for them. Instead of ROI meaning "Return On Investment", we use it to mean "Return on Impressions."

Even our in-house expert doesn't rely just on his own knowledge and understanding. He allows the software to shift the impressions to what is working the most. The end result is sellers are able to focus on ideas and results, not get in the weeds with the details. Everyone knows the digital marketing works, how it works is not what people fall in love with it.

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