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Is Your Radio Station Prepared For Digital Selling?

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From InsideRadio.com this week: The outlook for radio this year is one of modest growth. BIA/Kelsey is revising its full-year 2017 forecast down slightly, calling for a 1.0% total increase in local radio revenue. But the growth will be propelled, in large part, from a now-familiar formula: revenue gains from digital and other off-air platforms. It was a challenging first quarter for all traditional media, thus BIA/Kelsey’s forecast revise. But radio’s digital dollars will grow 17 times faster than over the air, with BIA’s forecast calling for an 8.4% uptick in digital but just a 0.5% increase in over the air. BIA is also revising downward its forecasts for broadcast and cable TV. So, is your station group prepared for that uptick in DIGITAL? What are you providing your advertisers to realize that? The Media Store is the “partner” you need. Your advertisers know they need to be in digital. Instead of chasing them elsewhere to do it, partner with them bringing together on-air and digital with you for real added revenue and results for your advertisers. You become the “one-stop” resource for their marketing needs. Sugarloaf Rock Capital managing partner Drew Marcus recently said, “…for radio to see a healthier topline, things have to change.” Making that change is here and now with The Media Store. Your up-front cost of partnering with The Media Store is made back, generally, with the first sale. Our Computer Optimized Deliver constantly re-evaluates parameters of advertisers to maximize the effectiveness. That tied with the radio schedule becomes a powerful “one-two punch” that advertisers need.

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