• Hugh McPherson

Follow the Money to Digital Marketing

While addressing TV & Radio revenue, senior director of research Robin Flynn told the S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 34th annual TV & Radio Finance Summit, “This year we think there will be a decline overall in the industry’s revenue, and then going forward we are projecting flat growth led again by digital, off-air and other revenue sources.”

So, digital marketing will continue to lead the way, not just for local businesses, but also for radio, television, billboard and other traditional marketing companies. Sugarloaf Rock Capital managing partner Drew Marcus points out that, “Wall Street is generally nervous about media...Traditional advertising for the last five years has dropped about 4% a year.”

Now the question a business should be asking itself is, "why?" Why does digital continue to grow and lead the way? 

The answer is because you have less wasted impressions! You have a better chance of sending your message directly to a potential customer instead of putting your message in front of thousands of people in hopes that a potential customer sees it! Also, with the advancement of technology, businesses are now able to send messages to cell phones, which will take those messages to their home computers, so your message may get in front of that potential customer more than once!

Digital marketing continues to grow & the reason is because it is more effective. Touch base with The Media Store today to find out how our products can help your business!

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