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Alessandra Alarcón has been appointed President of SBS Entertainment as the company celebrates 35 years of operation. She became the sole producer of the Calibash event in Los Angeles in 2017, after joining SBS in 2014 as a Sales Associate.

SBS owns and operates radio s...

This article re-posted from CNBC

NBA star LeBron James is the highest-paid player in the league: His earnings, including salary and endorsements, total $88.7 million for the 2018-2019 season, Forbes reports. 

But James, who signed a four-year, $153 million contract...

While your revenues in on-air spot remain flat, at best, DIGITAL continues to explode and is expected to be at $130 billion in two years. Are your stations taking advantage of that? As Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates recently noted, 

“What’s really clear now is tha...

The Epic Age Old Battle


Who to use to build your client's site?

We get asked which site is better to build a website and this is a subjective question.  You need to think about your client, their website, their skill level and WHO will be updating their...

Pictures are worth a thousand words! If you need your website updated, let us know or have your website analyzed. (images from Hubspot)

1st Ever Website

Mid 90's Website

Late 90's Website

Early 2000's Website

Mid 2000's Website

 Modern Website

Need to update your website? Cli...

Rep firm Gen Media Partners has purchased Regional Reps and The Tacher Company. The acquisitions come on the heels of Gen Media Partners’ recent purchase of the Sun Broadcast Group Network bringing Gen’s roster of radio stations it represents to 4,000.

Greg Tacher and J...

This article below, re-posted from Radio Ink today,  is one of many reasons The Media Store teaches its radio clients to work with all active, on-air clients with an "ad-on" approach.  Radio has long focused on the "big kill" in new business and the results speak for t...

Of the $10 Billion that will be spent this year in local advertising by local car dealers, digital will gobble up 55% of the total!  That figure is more than HALF OF EVERY DOLLAR SPENT and it has more than doubled in the past three years!  Almost all of that is de...

Re-post from Business Insider

The unemployment rate has fallen to a 48-year low, and it's terrifying news for Walmart, McDonald's, and JCPenney

Fast-food chains and retailers alike are fighting an increasingly intense battle for employees.  The US unemployment rate fell...

Over the past year we have trained sellers at over 145 great independent radio stations across the country.  During these training sessions we have been telling sellers that Dunkin' Donuts is no longer in the donut business.  They are really in the coffee business and...

After 14 years in television, Mark Jaycox jumped to radio in 2004 joining the Salem Media Group in Milwaukee. He began coaching salespeople when he was 28, working for Media One in Chicago in 1995. He started out in radio as an LSM and his career took off from there.


This is the conclusion of Borrell Associates annual survey of small businesses (SMBs) across the country.  They have conducted this survey every year since 2009 to see where SMBs invest their advertising dollars.  For email marketing there were 2,212 respondents with m...

Jerry Lee has been the epitome of what radio should be all about. He has nurtured this for over a half century at WBEB in Philadelphia. The beauty is that his vision has never wavered, nor has his commitment to excellence. His radio station is the prime example.

His ins...

The DBT40 Awards program recognizes 40 of Delaware’s most accomplished leaders under 40 years old, for their Professional Accomplishments, Community Service, Leadership and Vision. Individuals are nominated from all size and industry categories, public or private.


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