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BIA/Kelsey recently reported that radio revenue is expected to increase overall in 2017, but the CAUTION is in this line from the report: "...But the real growth will come in digital dollars..."

The main reason digital continues to grow is because advertisers want to be...

Southeast Large Market - 4 Days | 8 Appointments | 8 Proposals | $300K in Asks | $15K in Closes

Midwest Medium Market - 1 Day | 3 Appointments | 1 Close | 11 Appointments set same day

Southern Small Market - 5 Days | 27 Appointments | 25 Proposals | $318K in Asks | $50K...

Portions from Inside Radio

"A local phone number is all that’ll be needed in the near future for broadcasters in their community of license. In a 3-2 vote the Federal Communications Commission has approved the reversal of the 1939 decision that has required stations to...

This week, Hugh McPherson is in Owensboro, Kentucky with the Cromwell Radio Group. There sellers have set well over 20 appointments and are looking to keep Hugh extremely busy.

From appointments at 8 am to 6pm, Hugh will meet with the sellers directly at their client's...

1. Log in to the Dashboard

2. Select the button, "set an appointment"

3. IF you want to see previous appointments in a calendar view, then click the link at the top left. If you want to open it in a separate tab, right-click on it then click "Open in New Tab".

4. Click on...

1. Log-in to the Dashboard.

2. Click on the Scheduler

3. Click on your name in the right hand corner

4. Click on the Appointment you want to cancel or re-schedule

5. Click on the trash can on the right to cancel, click on the clock to re-schedule.

1) Pull up The Media Store's website on your phone.

2) Scroll to the bottom & click on the "DASHBOARD"

3) Log-in to the Dashboard

4) On iPhones, Once the website is opened, click the share icon

 5) Find the option that says "Add to Home Screen" & select it.

6) Click "A...

Per our model, Hugh traveled to Clemson, SC to go on appointments with the team there. They used our online appointment scheduler to set appointments with their clients & Hugh met them directly at the client location. We don't take over your sales team, or sales meetin...

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