our crazy blog ideas? 

What are the biggest digital advantages to your radio station's programming? 

Consider these ten ways that will help your stations cross the digital divide and build new audience:

  • Offer digital ways for listeners to access your programming.  The tower is o...

Just to clarify up front. I'm not against SEO & I don't think anyone should abandon SEO efforts but I question if the emphasis needs to change.

For years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been the biggest buzz term when it pertained to digital marketing. If you had...

part of this post is an excerpt from InsideRadio.com 

BIA/Kelsey says strong gains for mobile and digital advertising are powering revenue growth, and, over the next five years, the total local ad market is expected to increase at a 3.8% compound annual growth rate to $...

In understanding what advertisers want, one will better understand how we can deliver.

Let’s be frank. Your advertisers want ROI on what they are spending. Mark Ramsey a veteran media strategist, researcher, and trend-maker who has worked with numerous media, publishing...

Excerpt from Inside Radio "Mirroring trends in the national market, advertisers in New York State are shifting more money to digital media. In 2017, among the top 10 NYS markets, online and mobile will rank as the No. 2 and No. 4 ad categories, respectively, according...

From InsideRadio.com

Buoyed by strong demand for digital and broadcasting, the advertising market grew 7% in May, according to the latest data from the Standard Media Index. Digital media increased ad spend 16% in May, while national TV ticked up 2%, with radio up sligh...

From InsideRadio.com this week: The outlook for radio this year is one of modest growth. BIA/Kelsey is revising its full-year 2017 forecast down slightly, calling for a 1.0% total increase in local radio revenue. But the growth will be propelled, in large part, from a...

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Borrell Associates asked advertisers if they planned to reduce certain media advertising. People continue to be pessimistic about print media, 1/4 point to reducing radio, & 1/5 say they will cut TV.

With these large numbers of advert...

While addressing TV & Radio revenue, senior director of research Robin Flynn told the S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 34th annual TV & Radio Finance Summit, “This year we think there will be a decline overall in the industry’s revenue, and then going forward w...

Two articles that came out today have a direct correlation. Radio Ink has a story that says the Magna predicts a 4.4% revenue decline in radio this year. While at the same time, All Access has an article that points out small businesses are spending close to HALF of th...

The first principle of marketing is to go where the people are. Would you put up a large billboard in a narrow alley between two abandoned commercial buildings? Of course not. There's nobody there to look at your expensive advertisement. 

As the world continues to chang...

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