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The Media Store

was founded and is run 

by former local radio sellers

with extensive experience in

all aspects of local radio sales, 

management, programming & station operations. 

Hugh McPherson

President / CEO

Robert Rees

Vice President / COO

Art Versnick

Vice President / Area Director



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why should YOU hire us today?

about us

what do WE do?

We help independent local radio broadcasters, newspaper publishers and direct mail companies install a cutting-edge digital program quickly that generates instant revenue and bottom line profits of 40%, 50% or more! 


How do WE do it? 

We focus on cutting edge digital products that local clients LOVE to buy!  This is done by selecting only the highest quality products that provide the best results and are in very high demand among local advertisers everywhere!  We do not waste your sellers' time and effort with hundreds of confusing products or low-margin offerings that compete on price with media giants like Google and Facebook.     

What can YOUR clients buy?

Your local advertisers can buy Geo-Fencing, Geo-Targeting or Site Re-Targeting campaigns that deliver CTR rates 260% higher than the national average! They can buy premiere third party email campaigns from a searchable database with 100+ million consumers and open rates that average 14.2%!  They can even buy a product that will reveal their anonymous website visitors and provide the names, email addresses and postal addresses as leads!   

How long to launch YOUR market?


Fortune 500 companies have had a monopoly on some of these products for years.  Now YOUR SALES TEAM can bring them directly to Main Street exclusively in your market!  You start with a 90-minute online training session to learn this turn-key system to drive revenue immediately! Your sales team will start closing NEW, incremental dollars on your first day with 3 amazing groups of products!     

How do YOU start?


hugh's        story

The Media $tore's business plan was written on an iPhone 6 Plus in the AMC Westminster Promenade 24 parking lot near Denver.  Hugh had gone to see The Founder starring Michael Keaton, the January 2017 film about how Ray Kroc launched McDonald's.  After spending 30+ years working in radio, the movie inspired him to start his own business on the spot!      


Hugh started selling advertising at 100.9 WXIZ-FM in Waverly, 60 south of Columbus, Ohio in April 1985.  Radio proved a great outlet for his creative writing talents and the perfect vehicle for local businesses wanting to create store traffic to drive sales and profits.  

This started a life-long love affair with radio for the 19-year old pop music lover who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio listening to Don Imus on 1220 WGAR, Phil Gardner & Uncle Vic on G98/WGCL-FM, Scott Howitt on 92 WRQC-FM and Matt Patrick on 96-FM WKDD out of Akron.  Moving to rural southern Ohio gave Hugh his first opportunity in radio and a new favorite station, 97.9 WNCI-FM, the 175,000-watt CHR owned by Nationwide Insurance in Columbus. 

Hugh became a top producer at 101.3 WNCO-FM in Mansfield, Ohio and quickly returned to his hometown Cleveland to sell for 1420-AM/WHK & 100.7 WMMS-FM.  He soon moved to Power 108/WPHR-FM as his sales abilities grew rapidly.  Before long sales management opportunities came started to come along and he moved to 92 ZOO in Lima, Ohio and next to 104.5 SUNNY-FM in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Hugh would return home to Cleveland and a 5-year run finishing as the #1 biller at urban powerhouse 93FM WZAK.   

Hugh then became known as a turn-around specialist reviving under-performing radio stations working in some of the smallest and largest markets in radio.  Over the next 15 years Hugh excelled at turning around for small broadcasters like Great Plains Media in Cookeville, Tennessee; iHeart Media in Atlanta, Georgia and Cumulus Media in several markets.  By February 2015 he had turned around all 34 of the radio stations he took over with most reaching record sales and finishing in the top 5 company markets under his leadership!  He took his final radio cluster from last in the company to #2 in just four months!  

Then as suddenly as his career started, Hugh walked away from radio one February afternoon in 2015.  He no longer agreed with the views of Cumulus Media's Atlanta senior management, their micro-managing style or the company's direction.  He was sure they would destroy any advantage digital could give his sales teams and grew tired of their lack of concern for employees or local clients.  

January 20, 2017 armed with an iPhone 6 Plus, a great movie and a new idea, Hugh started his newest journey.  The Media Store, like McDonald's Ray Kroc in The Founder, would champion independent local radio broadcasters in their battle against the big 3 radio companies. 

The Media Store now counts more than 160 radio stations, newspapers, billboard companies and local advertising agencies selling its products in less than two years!  With a strong desire to help local businesses attract more customers, The Media Store has developed a turn-key program that will take any local broadcaster from no digital products for sale to the market's "go-to" leader in digital advertising instantly! 

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Our #1 priority is YOUR $ale$!

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936 SW 1st Avenue / #244  Miami, Florida  33130  / 305.520.9708

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